Bowie Ball
Bowie Ball is a glam and drag dance party founded in Chicago by DJ Heaven Malone. In 2019, Bowie Ball expanded to Washington, D.C. Bowie Ball 2016, on David Bowie's Birthday, celebrated Bowie's last studio album "Blackstar" and unfortunately we later learned, his passing into stardust. Bowie Ball 2015 coincided with the end of “David Bowie Is”, the multimedia exhibition on one of the most influential and iconic artists of our time - David Bowie. For Bowie Ball 2014, even David Bowie tweeted and posted about our incredibly extravagant and packed partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art to announce their David Bowie Is exhibition. Bowie Ball 2013 came with the surprise announcement that after 10 years of silence, a brand new album titled “The Next Day” was being released.

Bowie Ball Chicago DJ Setlist 1.10.20

Bowie Ball D.C. DJ Setlist 1.9.20

Bowie Ball Chicago DJ Setlist 1.4.18

Bowie Ball Chicago DJ Setlist 1.5.17